Born 1967 in Teheran (IRAN)

Graduated in Graphic Design from the school of fine Arts in Tehran, 1985.
Graduated in Painting from Art University in Tehran, 1994.
Graphic Designer : Farhang & Sinema Magazine.1992 to 1994 Iran.
Graduated in computer Graphic Design in Holland, 2000.
Graphic Designer & Painter since 1989.
Member of BNO, ( Association of Dutch Designers ) Holland 2006 to 2012.
Member of AIDA Netherlands to 2013
Study at The Academy of Fine Arts & Education, took part in the Fontys College of Visual and Performing Arts ,2006-2008 ( BA )

photograph: Ernest Korsak

Group exhibitions

The flower & nature in the works of Persian painters exhibition (Iran), 1992
Second Iranian painting biennial (Iran), 1994
Painting Group Exhibition in Gilze. (Holland),
Painting Group Exhibition with Cooperate Art Foundation in Tilburg (Holland),
Painting Group Exhibition in Breda.(Holland),
Painting Group Exhibition in City hall Bergen op Zoom (Holland),
Painting Group 1001 Worldwide Artists in Amsterdam.(, 2000
Painting Group Exhibition in Gallery Brunstingerhof in Beilen (Holland), 2005
Iranian and Arabic Poster Exhibition in Affichemuseum in Hoorn (Holland), 2005
Identity, 34th exhibition Brno, Capital of Graphic Design (Czech Republic), 2006
Ninth International Biennial of the Poster (Mexico), 2006
work presentation in NS16 In Tilburg, The Netherlands, 2008
Tenth International Biennial of the Poster (Mexico), 2008
20 Posters in FNV KIEM office in Amsterdam , 2009
17th International Poster Biennial to be held in Finland 14 June – 27 September 2009 Lahti Art Museum | Poster Museum
Poster exhibition in Silkscreenstudio/galery, Den Bosch , Netherlands , September 2009.
Exhibition “Caleidoscoop” ( Carré-artists) and presentation of the booklet “Carré (the artist and his work) 19 February 2010, Duvelhok, Tilburg
Poster exhibition Alireza Siddighi & Mohammad Fazel in Podium Mozaiek, Amsterdam ( Netherlands ); 6 May to 6 July 2010
22nd International Poster Biennale Warsaw 2010
Poster for Tomorrow,  My posters ‘Right to education’ were selected for the shortlist by their Online Jury. Oktober 2011

Solo exhibtions

Paintings in Foundation Adriaan Brouwers with Brouwer’s sculptures (Holland),
Paintings in City hall of Rijen.(Holland) 1996
Poster exhibition in the Cityhall of Tilburg (Holland ), 2007
Poster exhibition in the Paleis Van Justitie of Arnhem ( Holland ), 2007
Poster exhibition in the Artroom72, In Tilburg ( Holland ),2008
Poster exhibition in the Affiche Museum in Hoorn ( Holland ) 2009
Poster exhibition in Tamai Gallery, Oisterwijk (Noord-Brabant), Holland June 2009
Poster exhibition in Saba Artistic & Cultural Institute, Teheran 2010. Exhibition suppressed..
Poster exhibition in Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art, Isfahan ( Iran ), 2010-05. Exhibition suppressed..
Poster exhibition in Graphic House, Isfahan (Iran) June 2010
Poster exhibition in Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran ( Iran ), December 2010
Poster Exhibition at “Hogeschool van Amsterdam” in Amsterdam, June 2011
Poster Exhibition at Stichting ’45, Diemen (The Netherlands), March – April 2012
Poster Exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art, Isfahan (Iran), April – May 2012
Poster Exhibition at Hoge Raad der Nederlanden ( Supreme Court of The Netherlands), The Hague (The Netherlands), 2012 -2013
Poster Exhibition at Amstelkerk, Amsterdam, (The Netherlands) Feb, 2018

International websites and other media, works and interviews; and workshops

Paintings & graphic works at;; ,,,, –
I had an interview with “ITEMS” the Graphic Design magazine of The Netherlands, they
wrote an article about me and showed some photos of my work, the article was written by Mr Frans van Lier. October 2006
A portrait page in Vormberichten , magazine of BNO (the Association of Dutch Designers), March 2007
An article about me in NRC Handelsblad (Newspaper, of 4th April 2007) which was written by Frans van Lier
Icograda ( International council of Graphic Design Association ) showed several times my posters at their
30 April 2007, 23 October 2007, 5 March 2008, 6 August 2008, 19 November 2008
In the internet Magazine COSIMO,, (March 2008) an article with several posters, written by Paul Mertz
In her catalogue of auction 33 Van Sabben Poster Auctions, Hoorn ( Netherlands ) pays attention to my work by showing several posters together with a covering text by Frans van Lier.
CAHIER A B V , brand-new periodical by “Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten” , Tilburg (Netherlands) 2009: 8 pages about my work, text and posters.June 2009,
In the ‘Moslimagenda 2010’ my poster ‘Iranian Expression’ for the exhibition in Tehran, 2008 is included.
See also
Workshop Calligraphy Islamic Culture, Huis van de Wereld Tilburg, The Netherland
An article about me in NRC Handelsblad (Newspaper, of feb  2018) which was written by Frans van Lier


On 5 May 2007 an interview on Radio 1 of The Netherlands, in Opium, a program about Art and Culture,


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